Frequent Questions We Get Asked



  • Q. Do I need to vacate the home interior when a service is being done inside the home?


    A. In most cases yes. There are some exceptions where gel only products are used or an inspection is being carried out.



  • Q. When can I go back inside my home after the pest treatment is finished ?


    A. As soon as any liquid product used is dry (if used). No exceptions sorry. The time this takes can vary from home to home and also the time of year. Good air flow and warm temperature will assist in reducing dry times. Dry times will be longer in the cooler months.



  • Q. How do I pay you ?


    A. Payment will be taken at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. We use mobile credit card facilities. 



  • Q. When will I receive my termite inspection report ?


    A. Your report will be processed on the same day of inspection and sent to you via email (or post if requested) as soon as we receive notification that payment has cleared.