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The current Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the importance that our homes and workplaces must be kept free of disease spreading vermin and pests.  We are working closely with our clients to advise methods and programs to eliminate risk.


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Termite, tick. spider, rat, mouse, white ant

PestLogic can solve all your termite & pest control problems.

Our experienced staff are fully qualified, licensed & insured.

We can resolve any pest control issue whilst also keeping your family members and the environment safe.


Fact  -  Termites (white ants) cause more $$$ damage to our homes than fire, flood and storms combined ! Sydney included.


PestLogic can protect your assets with pest control methods customised to your specific home, lifestyle or business.

Risk analysis enables us to advise & educate clients regarding the best and most efficient ways of keeping future pest control problems to a minimum.

PestLogic mobile units are equipped with very best products & equipment available.   Call us now !