ONE SEASON = 365 DAYS 24 / 7

One Season - All Season




At Pestlogic we often get asked what time of year is 'Tick Season' or 'Termite Season'.  In Sydney NSW, Ticks & Termites are active all year. 24/7. There is only one season.


PestLogic can solve all your Tick & Termite problems.


Fact #1  -  Termites (white ants) cause more $$$ damage to our homes than fire, flood and storms combined ! 


Fact #2 -  Ticks can be deadly to the family pet and can also make humans very sick for long periods.


Pestlogic can assess individual homes or businesses and advise the best methods to prevent or greatly reduce your risk of termite attack and tick infestation.


PestLogic mobile units are equipped with very best products & equipment available.   Call us now !